Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of Travels and Travails

Bombs away!
When you travel with a small baby, you kind of hope that your trips will be smooth and uneventful. But since I went public saying that I enjoy the element of surprise in life, it seems that Someone decided to have a little fun with me.

Here is a litany of the Things That Went Wrong:

- Forgotten visa remembered at the last minute.
- First flight delayed by an hour and a half, which sent us into Running Mode. We missed our first connection and flew on standby for our second flight. We had to jump a line of 70 people in Mexico City (with permission from the guy at the head of the line) to even make it to standby status, thus risking the wrath of other travelers. Then we had to run to make our international flight after waiting in line at the Migrations Office for me to get permission to leave the country.
- Copious poopies in baby's diaper on two flights.
- My suitcase went MIA on our return flight.
- A bird pooped on my hand while we were eating dinner on a terrace.
- Our bus back to Xalapa was delayed for a day because protesters were camped out on all of the major roads out of Veracruz. Supposedly they were protesting violence by army soldiers against ordinary civilians, but later we found out that they were manoeuvering for lower gas prices.

But here are the Things That Went Right:

- We made all of our flights, albeit with elevated heartbeats.
- Baby enjoyed the wind in her hair as Mom and Dad went running through various airports.
- Supermom was equal to the task of changing a very liquidy poopie diaper in the airplane bathroom... twice!
- Speaking of poopie, the divebombing bird narrowly missed Olivia's head. Thank God it only landed on my hand.
- We were not stuck on the highway during the protest, sitting in traffic for seven hours, which could have been a nightmare, especially since riding on buses makes me nauseous.
- My suitcase and I will have our tearful reunion tonight, God willing.
- We ended up spending our extra day in Veracruz at a beach hotel... not a bad place to be stranded.

So, on the whole it was not the most restful of journeys. But I can't complain too much, seeing as how we made it home alive!

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Too funny! When do you get to do it again?!!