Tuesday, August 23, 2011


To my daughter Olivia, aged 9.5 months:


Ah, you are beautiful, my beloved,
my little one,
my baby.

Like a tender ewe, you are
looking up at me
with unblemished trust.

Your cheek is like a half-pear,
dusted with the shadow
of long lashes.

Your smile shines through your eyes,
filling your mother's heart
with delight.

How sweetly you speak, my love;
your wordless babbling is music
to my ears.

You are all innocence,
all beauty,
all purity,
the faultless reflection of love and joy.

Come, my baby,
to your mother's waiting arms.
You have ravished my heart
with the sound of your heartbeat,
with a single movement of your finger,
with your very existence.

Come, my little one,
let me nourish you with my own life,
with my milk,
with my prayer.

You are mine, but even more,
you are His.

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