Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surviving the Apocalypse

I recently e-mailed me family in New York and Washington, DC, asking if they felt the earthquake and how it went. My sister's response from DC:

yeah it was kind of crazy!  I was just sitting in my cube talking to someone and suddenly things started moving.  There's an apartment building being built next door to us so we thought maybe there was an explosion.  But then the shaking stopped and started again and was stronger.  Everyone was just shocked/confused.  So we're all milling around the hall, kind of figuring it was an earthquake.  And then we were told we had to evacuate, so we all filed down the stairs.  Is it wrong that I went to the bathroom first?  Either way I'm glad I did because we ended up standing outside for 45 minutes until we were ordered to go back in the building, grab our things and leave.  So we were dismissed the rest of the day.  Several people went to the trauma counseling center down the street to grab beers and play pool.  And by trauma center I mean the bar.  Naturally, I sought counseling as well.  

The national cathedral lost the tip of one of its spires.  I can see the cathedral from my rooftop (it's only a mile away) but haven't checked it out yet.  Now that we're under a tropical storm warning with Irene coming, I doubt i'll be venturing outside much this weekend.  Never a dull moment here!  


And now for my dad's response (from Rochester, NY, where nothing was felt):

It was Hell.  We thought the entire East coast was going to be swallowed whole.  I'm not sure how we got through it .  We didn't actually feel any tremors up here in New York but still it could have happened.  Just thinking about it gets to me.

Hell on earth.

And now I have to worry about Hurricane Irene crushing all my fellow citizens up and down the Atlantic coast.  Look at that monster.  Let's hope lake Ontario stays calm.  It's supposed to be sunny up here but you never know.  Gosh, I don't want any rain getting on me.

Easy, Irene... easy...

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