Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The New Cash Cow

You wanna get rich quick?  I got a plan for you. I cut you a deal. Just for a few special friends like you. A special deal.

Only for you.

But first you need a camel. Maybe two camel. But don't worry. I have friend who sell you camels for cheap. More about that later.

You been to the zoo?  You know, with all the animals?

You ever ride the camel at the zoo with your little kiddie?  Maybe with your husband or wife too?

The zoo camel ride, it cost just $5 per person.  Five bucks and two minutes for them, but it make you rich for a lifetime.

Think about it. And I tell you this because I like you, because you my friend:

Each camel holds 3 people. That's $15.

Each camel ride is 2 minutes, long enough for them to imagine themselves like Lawrence of Arabia, short enough for you to get rich quick.

You and your partner, you have two camels going back and forth, back and forth. Keeps the line moving, keeps people happy, especially when hot.

So the people go back and forth, and your pockets get bigger and bigger:

In 10 minutes, you made $150.
In 30 minutes, you made $450
In 1 hour, you made $900.
In 8 hours, you made $7200.

It's honest money, my friend. No strings attached.

Not every day so rich, of course. Camels gotta eat, you gotta rest. People don't always ride in threes. No one wants to ride a camel in the off season heat or in the rain.

So let's say you make $20,000 per week with the good times and the bad times. My friend, at that rate you make over a million dollars a year.

This is you during the day:
Walking your way to riches, my friend!
But then you come home to this:

Not so bad, eh?

All you have to do is buy a few dromedaries, which you can do from my friend here. They cost about $5000, which is peanuts for you. And you have to make an arrangement with the zoo. It'll cost you something, but I gotta friend inside.

You may also have to divide profits with a partner because remember, you want two camels. But you'll still be making over $500,000 per year.

You see? I tell you, I make you rich. No catch, no strings. It's just cause I like you. Make sure you give my friend a call. He sell dromedaries very cheap. Quality dromedaries all the way from Arabia. The very best.

No monkey business here. Just good money from the very best cash cow. And only for you. Because I like you. You have nice smile.

Almost as nice as mine:

Remember, it's because I like you.

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